Who are Great Western SAABs?

Not what you expect.  Doing things a bit differently.  A little left field.  
Sentences often used to describe SAAB, can also be applied to Great Western Saabs.
Established in 2004, GWS has now grown to include a worldwide following and continues to welcome all SAAB enthusiasts, especially their partners and family to our meetings, gatherings and events, be they virtual or otherwise. 
We pride ourselves on being more of a social group, with a common interest in SAABs.


All, from wherever in the world you are, a very warm welcome.     Find us on Facebook.



Thanks to all the SAAB owners who have kept the faith,
submitted their story and in doing so made Förfina what it is.
To submit your SAAB story and photos, e: greatwesternsaabs@gmail.com

The free online SAAB book from Great Western SAABs

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